“Baraka” is yet another extraordinary album, laden with musical delicacies, and an excellent combination of jazz experimenting and contagious dynamic kinetics of compact rhythmical patterns and leitmotif melodies. Presented is a story of a an exceptional fusion of ethno music and jazz. Its experimental mood is perfectly balanced against approachable melodies. The trio are Janez Dovč, Nino Mureškič, and Goran Krmac – three phenomenal instrumentalist and experienced composers.”
- Five stars out of five. FULL ARTICLE (Rockline, 11.1.2014, Aleš Podbrežnik) -

“A real treat”
- Five stars out of five. ( Mladina, december 2013) -

“Eleven lush and juicy instrumental delicacies evoke the likeness of an alluring melodic voyage through the tempestuous musical identities of the three virtuosos.”
- Five bunnies out of five. (Playboy, december 2013) -

“The Baraka Project delivers an ingenious approach to musical creation and an excellent performance…”
(Slovenske novice, Andrej Predin 4.11.2013)

Baraka Janeza Dovča, Gorana Krmca in Nina Mureškiča ( Delo 27.3.2013)

Baraka s harmoniko, tubo in tolkali (Delo 26.3.2013)


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