Project Baraka

Music and arrangements by Dovč & Krmac & Mureškič.
The internationally acclaimed creative musicians on this album present themselves in a combination of accordion, tuba and percussion.
This special, unorthodox and widely experienced ensemble paves a way to new forms of expression by means of combining the sonority of their instruments with lush electronic effects and a pictoresque rhythmic structure. The in-depth research of expression on their own instruments as well as their ensemble sound yields a music influenced by jazz, folk, African, Indian and Latin American musical legacies.
Conceived in 2013, the original compositions in this project portray the band members’ individual musical directions as three distinct identities with mutual affinitiy, just like three pillars supporting a common roof. Each of their backgrounds brings a unique and indispensable inspiration into the music of the Dovč/Krmac/Mureškič Trio.

On this album, the ensemble is expanded with Symbolic String Trio, performing string arrangements by Dovč and Krmac.

For this album, no title could be more appropriate than ‘Baraka’, as its meaning concisely expresses how happy, thankful and blessed these musicians feel in being able to fulfill their mission.

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