Dovč & Krmac & Mureškič

J Janez Dovč (1980) accordionist, multiinstrumentalist & composer with bachelor degree in physic. Was a member of Terrafolk (BBC World Music Award 2003) and is currently a member of different music bands and projects, collaborating with many slovenian and international artist. In 2007 he recorded a solo performance album with Slovenian Philharmonic Orchester.
His playing can be heard on more than 40 albums. He is also artistic director of project Sounds of Slovenia; aclaimed slovenian musicians from various bands promoting Slovenian land and culture. (


GGoran Krmac has intrigued musicians and listeners in Europe and elsewhere. As one of few worldwide and the only one in his native Slovenia, he took the tuba into modern jazz, pop and numerous other genres, earning the place that usually belongs to string bass instruments. He brings a unique mark to ensembles he plays with but manages to keep the role of the bass: a foundation for music to breathe on and invite the listener to dance. He is expanding that role further by adding on-stage electronics to his music expression. He is proud to have worked with a number of internationally acclaimed musicians, and will continue so in the future.


Nino Mureškič
is aMn expert on traditional percussion from all continents. His mentors were Mamady Keita, soloist of the Guinea National Ballet, Glen Velez (New York) and Pt. Suresh Talwalkar (Bombai). As a result, Nino is a specialist in West African traditional music, Eastern and Indian frame drum technique, riq bendir and traditional Indian percussion. An energetic, humble and inspiring musician, he has appeared on a host of albums and festivals as a member of numerous Slovenian and international projects during the last three decades. He transmits his vast knowledge via his own percussion group workshops.